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Well I feel like a fool most days. What about you? It is so true what the Bible says about the enemy being ready at all times to take your joy and just turn your life upside down. Truth is, I know who I belong to, I know who leads me, I know who guides me, I know who fights my battles, I know who provides for me, I know, I know and I know. Yes! I know! But why is it that even still I get caught up in the enemy's tactics? What gets me is that, I'm not here to save the world, but to be a light to those that would see it and follow Jesus in the process. But how hard is it when those that are supposed to be for you, seem to be against you? What is it about constantly wanting to compete with one another when our purpose should be one and the same, to win souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. Well I don't know how many times I've prayed for God to guard my heart from those who would persecute me, envy me, talk ill about me, reject me, be snobby towards me, for no good reason at all! The worst part is having been vulnerable and open with them, and their response, a stab in the back. Sometimes I don't know why I try. But here it is guys and gals, the round-about, I'm not perfect in all my ways, so why do I expect others to be? It would be that simple wouldn't it? That those who are for the same cause as you would be more careful about how they treat others! Hahaha! That's actually funny guys, sorry. Again with the guard down. Yes! The round-about! Now, who do I belong to? Whose approval matters the most? Who is the only one who can judge a person because He sees it all? That's right guys, Jesus. Only Jesus. Every time though, it never fails. The enemy can try any which way to attack me, but He's no battle against my God! He will always win. Because no matter what tactic you use satan through friends, family or people in general, I'm always going back to The One who saved me and rescued me. My heart belongs to Him. So round-about I will go.

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